SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS (Google Scholar Profile, 20 accepted, 1 under review, 4 in prep)

*Undergraduate first author

In Prep (not peer-reviewed, 4)

Abeyta, A., Fernandes, A.M., Mahon, R.C., and Swanson, T., 2021, The True Cost of Field Education is a Barrier to Diversifying Geosciences (EarthArxiv Pre-Print).

Swanson, T., *Schafer, J., Mahon R.C., Procoki, E., Exploring the combined influence of dewatering and waning flow on bedform morphology and sedimentary structures. In preparation for Geology

*Arnold, A., Swanson, T., Mahon, R.C., Procoki, E., Slow growing ripples, or lower stage plane bed? Experimental investigation on spatial and temporal bounds on ripple growth. In preparation for Journal of Sedimentary Research: Current Ripples

Swanson, T., *Meredith. D., Fernandes, A., Mahon, R., Cardenas, B. T., How “set” are cross-sets? On the directional sensitivity of cross-set thickness statistics in preparation for Sedimentology

Currently under review (1)

C. M. Hughes, Rice, M. S., Barnhart, C. J., Swanson, T.E., Pfeiffer, A.M., Goudge, T.A., Foreman, B.Z., Sources of Clay-rich Sediment in Eberswalde crater, Mars with Implications for Biopreservation Potential. Under consideration by Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets

Accepted Peer-reviewed Publications (20)

20. Van Stan, J. T., Swanson, T. E., & Sasse, R. K., 2022, Carbonate dissolution cones are unlikely to originate from stemflow funneling. Geomorphology, 108215.

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